What is closeboard fencing and feather edge

Closeboard Fencing, Dorchester

Closeboard fencing also known as feather edge fencing is a strong timber fencing that can be erected on either timber or concrete posts.

Closeboard fencing can easily be erected to any height and to fit any ground levels.

Closeboard fencing can be built in one continual flow, unlike panel fencing which due to the pre built style has to be built in steps.

Pre built panels are normally 1.83m wide so the posts need to be set at these exact measurements for the panel to fit without having to be cut down, the beauty of closeboard fencing is the posts do not have to go in at such accurate measurements, the posts can be divided between the total fence length at maximum 3m spacings and can be moved to avoid drains, concrete, tree stumps etc.

The posts for closeboard fencing are generally 100mx100m tanalised timber or concrete recessed.

With either post, a hole is dug a minimum of 600mm (2ft) deep, the post is then set in concrete.

Next the Bevelled rails are fixed either with 4”screws to the wooden posts or roofing bolts to the concrete posts.

The rails are bevelled to encourage the rain water to run away from the feather edge.

A gravel board is added to the post at ground level, this can also be timber or concrete.

The gravel board is to keep the feather edge from contact with the ground, when the gravel board rots, it can easily be replaced.

Now to add the feather edge boarding.

Feather edge are timber slats that overlap each other vertically on the rails, these are normally fixed with 2” galvanised nails.

Capping can be added to the top of the fence to finish it off pleasingly to the eye, although is not essential.

A typical 6ft high closeboard fence on timber post would cost around £45-£60 per metre.

The cost is dependant on things such as access, clearing of old fencing/hedge, ground, and total length.

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