What is hit and miss fencing?

What is hit and miss fencing?

Hit and miss fencing is a design where the wind can blow through the fencing but still appear as solid.

Hit and miss fencing can be either vertical or horizontal and can be constructed from any size boarding, normally 100mmx25mm or 150mmx25mm tanalised timber boards.

Once the posts have been set in concrete and the rails applied then one side is boarded leaving a 2”or3” space between each board, the opposite side is then clad covering the space.

This allows the wind to pass through the fencing, creating less of a sail.

This style of fencing is suggested, where very open or notoriously windy places such as Portland.

We have erected this on a new development called Castle court at the bottom of Portland.

If you’ve had continual problems with your fencing blowing down, then hit and miss fencing maybe the solution.

Here at Mintern we can help you decide on the style of fencing that best suits your circumstances.