How much should your fence cost


How much should my fence cost?

There are many different styles of fencing to choose from when selecting the garden fence for your property.
How much will it cost? Now that’s the million dollar question!!!!
I will give some examples of how much we would currently charge for different types of fencing per metre, but first let me explore with you where these fencing costs come from.

Every fence is different, not just in style but in situation.
How far do we have to walk the materials?
Do they have to go through the house as opposed to a side gate?
Digging the holes to a minimum depth of 600mm (2ft) is one of the most important processes when building the fence and dependant on what we might be digging through can affect the cost, in most cases, domestic garden fences would be, what we would consider a standard dig, however that standard dig maybe clay like most parts of Weymouth, chalk like Dorchester or bedrock like Portland.
A nonstandard dig would be through concrete, tarmac or along kerb edgings increasing the labour cost, due to the longer time taken to dig through.
The next cost consideration would be the clearing of the existing fence line, whether this to just remove old panels and posts, remove panels, posts and vegetation or remove trees and hedging etc
The style and height of fencing is the final cost consideration.

Below are a few costing examples but please remember a site visit is needed to confirm costs.

To take down and remove old fence panels, remove from site and replace with new closeboard fence in a standard dig at 1.8m (6ft) high £50-£60 per metre

To clear large hedge, remove from site and replace with 1.8m(6ft) high closeboard panels in concrete slotted posts £80-90 per metre (£145-£165 per panel and post)

No clearing, to supply and fit 900mm (3ft) picket fencing along kerb edgings £40-£50 per metre

Above examples could be reduced if it was a particularly long length of fencing, this is due to the fact that it may take a whole day to erect 10 metres of fencing, taking into consideration loading and removal of rubbish and unloading of tools but 30 metres could be achieved in two days.