6ft Closeboard Fencing, Blandford

New Closeboard Fencing

Mintern Fencing and Sheds have recently completed works for a client in Blandford, DT11. The team of fencers have erected 10 metres of new 6ft high closeboard fencing. All timber used for the fence has been green tanalised pressure treated which helps to protect against the elements and maintain the life and quality of the fence.

The erection of the fence included the removal of all existing failed fencing, digging new holes and set timber posts in concrete. Each bay is fitted with bevelled rails and wooden gravel boards then clad with 5ft 6inch feather edge.

6ft High Closeboard Fencing, Blandford Closeboard Fencing, Blandford

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Timber Framework, Blandford

Timber Framework Support for Roofing Sheets

Timber framework to support Corralux roofing sheets, Blandford  Timber framework with closeboard panels, Blandford

Mintern Fencing and Sheds offer a wide range of services to our clients and one of them includes a variety of timber works. We have recently completed the installation of this new timber framework in Tarrant Gunville near Blandford.  The structure has been built to support Corolux roofing sheets to provide a sheltered porch area for the client. Closeboard panels have been fitted in between the supporting posts to create a smart fence between the client and neighboring properties.

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