About our Sheds and Summerhouses

At Mintern Fencing & Sheds we are dedicated to bringing you the best quality workmanship. Please find details below of what makes our sheds and timber structures different. We at Mintern offer three ranges of shed, from Budget (which is our lowest quality and is aimed to compete with price), Mid range and elite.


Our Elite/Custom built specification is as follows: 

External cladding:Is a minimum of 14mm green tanalised shiplap cladding (after planing).  Tanalised timber has a life expectancy of over 20 years without any added treatment, although the more you look after it the longer life you can expect. Whereas those building that have dip treated cladding will need yearly treatment.

Framing Sizes:Our custom built sheds use a minimum frame of heavy duty tanalised 70mm x 50mm framework. This provides a sturdy, long lasting building, the highest quality on the market.

Custom Built:Our highest quality timber buildings are built from the ground up in your garden/location. These builds have the advantage of our clients choosing the position/height of windows and doors and adding extra doors if preferred to save unloading your entire shed to get your lawnmower, golf clubs etc.

Our Mid-Range Specification is as follows:

External Cladding:We use tongue and groove shiplap on our sheds which is 12mm thick cladding after planing. This equates to 1/2inch traditional boarding size.
Be sure to check the cladding thickness when comparing sheds. It’s also important to ask for the finished size – many of our competitors provide the size of the timber pre planing.

Framing Sizes:All our sheds and summerhouses come with minimum 44x28mm thick framing as standard – double the thickness of some competitor buildings. The framing is where the strength of the building comes from and provides the structural integrity. As such it is vital that your garden shed does not come with matchstick thin framework.

Framing Quality:The framing provided is always rounded four corner framing. We recommend strongly against rough sawn framing which many competitors provide – rough sawn framing is extremely prone to warping, splitting and of course splinters. Make sure you check the framing material when buying a shed.

Roof and Floor:A VITAL PART OF OUR QUALITY ADVANTAGE – our garden sheds and summerhouses come with fully boarded roof and floors using tongue and groove timber – DO NOT go for garden sheds with OSB or chipboard roof or floors. The floor will be prone to rot and the roof will be much more likely to sag in the centre over time with these types of roof/floor.

Timber quality:All our high grade timber is European softwood. Many competitors use Baltic timber of a lower grade which is more susceptible to warping and splitting.

Height:We are sure our roof height is higher than almost any other comparable building you may buy – you may have to stoop in other sheds. Pay interest also to our high eaves height as many companies have products where the eaves height is actually lower than the height of the door!

Doors are pre hung:All our doors are pre hung onto the frame before leaving us to make the assembly at your garden very easy. This means you won’t have to hang it yourself if you are fitting it. It also eliminates problems that can occur with on-site fitting.

Budget Range Specification:

Our budget sheds are made from a simple Framework structure, clad with overlap (featheredge) boarding. The use of these materials allows us to offer a cheap option for anyone looking for the lowest cost storage solution.
We believe these sheds allows us to offer a competitive option to our customers, against the other lower quality sheds available online.